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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

  • All goods received by Keltech Repairs for diagnosis, repair, servicing, or work of any nature, will incur at least a minimum charge.
  • Goods received by Keltech Repairs are left at the client’s OWN RISK. While every effort is made to ensure that all equipment is returned in the same or better condition, due to the nature of electronic equipment, Keltech Repairs cannot fully test all equipment prior to acceptance. Therefore Keltech Repairs will not be held responsible for change or supposed change in condition.
  • Goods received by Keltech Repairs are left at the client’s OWN RISK. While every effort is made to ensure that all equipment is returned in the same or better condition, due to the nature of electronic equipment, Keltech Repairs cannot fully test all equipment prior to acceptance. Therefore Keltech Repairs will not be held responsible for change or supposed change in condition.
  • While Keltech Repairs will make copies of data ON REQUEST, it is the client's responsibility to do likewise. Keltech Repairs will not be held responsible for any data lost.
  • Any units not collected and paid for within one month of job completion will be sold to defray expenses.
  • Goods that have been opened up before or are water-damaged will be worked on, although Keltech Repairs cannot guarantee the length of time they will be operational for nor will Keltech Repairs provide any warranty on parts fitted to these goods.
  • Keltech Repairs reserves the right to alter charges without notice.
  • Keltech Repairs Repair Terms and Conditions apply.

Repair Terms and Conditions


1. Data – Back Up or Transfer Your Data.
  • 1.1 If your device is capable of storing software programs, data or other information (“Data”), Keltech Repairs may attempt to transfer the Data to a replacement device.
  • 1.2 Data transfer will involve the transfer of Data directly from the original device to the replacement device or to a compatible external data storage device you provide. Keltech Repairs will not transfer the Data to any 3rd party owned data storage system or device and will not store a copy of the Data as part of the repair or service.
  • 1.3 When we repair or service your device, it is possible that Data may be lost. In such an event, Keltech Repairs will not be responsible for any loss of Data. As part of any repair or service, whether or not Keltech Repairs is able to successfully transfer Data from the original device to the replacement device, Keltech Repairs may have to delete any Data on the original device. During repair and service it is possible that the Data will be lost, replaced or reformatted as we may need to restore the device to its factory settings to complete the service or repair.
  • 1.4 Therefore you should maintain a separate backup copy of the contents of the device’s Data, remove all personal information that you want to protect and disable all security passwords. In such an event Keltech Repairs and its staff will not be responsible for any loss of software programs, Data or other information contained on the device.
2. Quotes, Fees and Prices.
  • 2.1 Keltech Repairs endeavours to offer you competitive prices on all repairs, products and services. When a device is brought in for service or repair we will need to first inspect the device to determine what is wrong with it, and there will be no consultation fees or diagnosis fees applicable.
  • 2.2 Your total quote price will include the price of the repairs, replacement product or service and this will be sent to you for a confirmation via email.
  • 2.3 If you accept our quote but decide not to leave your device with us while we order parts for the repair, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 75% of the estimated repair value.
  • 2.4 Keltech Repairs reserves the right to change prices for products, services or repairs provided at any time and particularly to correct pricing errors that may appear. A change in pricing would not affect services or repairs that have already begun.
3. Payment.
  • 3.1 Terms of payment are within Keltech Repairs sole discretion, and unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. Keltech Repairs allows you to make payments using a credit card, debit card or cheque card when applicable and acceptable, or some other prearranged payment method unless Keltech Repairs has agreed to some other credit terms.
  • 3.2 Should you make a payment via EFT, your device may only be collected once the payment has cleared in Keltech Repairs bank account.
4. Parts and Labour.
  • 4.1 Keltech Repairs will provide both parts and labour. In servicing your product, Keltech Repairs may use parts or products that comprise of new and/or previously used Apple genuine parts and have been tested and have passed functional requirements.
  • 4.2 Keltech Repairs will retain the replaced part or product that is exchanged during service as its property, and the replacement part or product will become your property.
5. Refunds.
  • 5.1 Except as described in the Warranty section below, Keltech Repairs does not provide refunds for repairs and services.
  • 5.2 A sales refund will deposited directly into your credit card or bank account. This process may take up to 30 working days.
  • 5.3 A refund processing period will only start from the time we have received the returned device and invoice.
6. Return of Devices/Products/Parts
  • 6.1 Devices/products/parts may only be returned in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 (“the CPA”). If you are entitled in law to return the device, then and in line with the CPA, a handling fee of up to 15% of the value of the device/product/part may be charged.
7. Our Warranty
  • 7.1 Subject to these terms, all devices carry an implied warranty by following the CPA, which gives the consumer the right to return the defective device and/or replaced parts or products in terms of section 20, read together with section 56 of the CPA.
  • 7.2 Keltech Repairs replaced parts or products also carry a suppliers and/or manufacturers’ warranty where applicable, which will run concurrently with any warranty in terms of the law.
  • 7.3 The implied warranty on the parts and products supplied places an obligation on Keltech Repairs to accept the return of unsafe or defective devices/products/parts within six months of delivery.
  • 7.4 In the event of the devices not complying with requirements and standards contemplated in section 55 of the CPA, the consumer has the right to return the device to if:
  • 7.4.1 The consumer finds within 10 days that the devices/products/parts are unsuitable for a particular purpose for which the consumer has expressed intention to use the goods as contemplated in s55(3);and
  • 7.4.2 The consumer did not examine the devices/products/parts and rejected delivery of the devices/products/parts for any reasons contemplated in section 19(5).
  • 7.5 In the unfortunate event that your devices/products/parts become defective, you are entitled to the following option of as per the CPA (after goods have been inspected and assessed):
  • 7.5.1 Have such device/product/part repaired;
  • 7.5.2 Have the device/product/part replaced;
  • 7.5.3 Be refunded the amount paid.
  • 7.6 If Keltech Repairs find the devices/products/parts to not be faulty, you will be liable for all handling and shipping charges.
  • 7.7 The warranty does not cover any defects caused by foreign objects or connection errors that are not part of the device/product/part, including but not limited to;
  • 7.7.1 The use of accessories which have not been approved by the manufacturer or parts sold separately;
  • 7.7.2 Any DIY installations or any repairs or attempted repairs of the device by any person other than Keltech Repairs or its authorized repairers
  • 7.7.3 Neglect, misuse, or wilful abuse of the device;
  • 7.7.4 Dents, cracks, burns, scratches, liquid damage, viruses, and malware;
  • 7.7.5 A force majeure event, including but not limited to fire, flood, war, civil disturbance, industrial action, acts of God or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of Keltech Repairs;
  • 7.7.6 Any defect caused by a lightning strike or power surges;
  • 7.8 Keltech Repairs reserves the right to inspect the device before a return is approved. Under no circumstances will direct exchanges be conducted before assessment and approval has been completed.
  • 7.9 Our warranty is part of the agreement we have with you, and you cannot transfer it to someone else by, for instance, selling the device.

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